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Lee Shelby is an extraordinary man with a message of adversity and overcoming incredible odds, after a traumatic occupational electrical injury resulting in the loss of both hands, only to become a very successful motivational speaker, businessman, author and pilot. His message is simple; it’s about taking personal responsibility for your actions, learning how to grow with adversity by making the best of every situation life puts in front of you and making every day count as if it were your last.

“Lee Shelby is the nation’s top motivational safety speaker with a powerful message on safety and leadership”

Lee Shelby’s story about a work-related accident has the ability to deeply impact an audience and is ideal for inspirational, motivational and safety awareness speaking engagements. If you have ever sat through safety meetings at your work, you will see demonstrations and videos on safety procedures but Lee will help you to understand why you should listen and be responsible for yourself and your co-workers.

As of today, Lee has helped thousands and thousands of people understand the importance of staying focused, eliminating distractions and never taking shortcuts through his live presentations. Both Lee and his story are impactful and unforgettable. Lee’s message is simple, and he tells us things we think we already know, but he tells it in a way that will dramatically change our attitudes toward safety forever.

Lee has been seen on FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS and has made such a tremendous impact on a wide variety of small, medium and large corporations with his powerful message regarding accountability, safety and leadership.  Lee Shelby has joined forces with OSHA Safety Manual.com and its’ affiliates as he believes that companies need to have additional safety programs, oversight and training if his message is going to serve as a long lasting reminder of what can happen in a split second.  Lee understands that his message will have a profound and immediate affect but is more concerned about what happens after the message is heard.  How is management going to rise and make safety a priority so another employee does not have to go through the tragedy he suffered and make sure that “Everyone Returns Home Safely”.

“Consequences!: Workplace Safety is NOT Optional – Author Lee Shelby”

As a motivational safety speaker his goal is to touch the lives of every employee he speaks to and give them an understanding of how a tragedy affects everyone and not just themselves.  His message is one of sincerity, genuine concern and actually a message of compassion that has inspired audiences all over the nation by sharing his personal story of “Triumph Over Tragedy” and showing that safety is a personal choice and a personal responsibility that could be life changing.

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If you would like to schedule one of the nation’s top motivational safety speakers today, please contact Lee’s office directly at 901-825-8384 or e-mail lee@leeshelby.com or visit http://leeshelby.com/

Don’t delay, his message is life saving and with Lee being a part of OSHA Safety Manual.com and its’ affiliates his message will live on as we bring safety forward to prevent another tragedy.

Lee Shelby – Speaker • Author • Inspirator