Your PEC Safety Program will be developed by our team of safety professionals saving you time and eliminating the stress of developing it yourself.

We have the experience and know how you need to handle your PEC compliance. PEC collects your company history, safety and training statistics and reviews them based on the specific requirements of the participating Oil & Gas Operators.

They take this information and create a report card of sorts for you and this report card gives you a baseline standard on how your Operators evaluate your safety programs, training, and SSQ questionnaire. This report card will give you an understanding and a chance to view your strengths and weaknesses so that you can improve any areas of weakness you may have. The quality of this grading system can be impacted greatly by failing to complete the complex network of requirements properly.

OSHA Safety Manual can help you attain the best report card possible based on your statistical history. Please be aware that some grades can only be improved with time but others can be improved with enhanced safety programs and training. OSHA Safety Manual will walk you through each step of the process so you have a better understanding so you can control how you are represented to your customer.

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For almost 25 years now, OSHA Safety Manual has been helping customers with their compliance issues. Please contact us today for specific details on how we can take the worry out of your compliance issues and eliminate the Hassle & Frustration associated with developing and getting Your Safety Programs Third Party Approved.

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