ISNetworld® is a company that has built a database of Contractors/Suppliers that creates a connection between Owner Clients also known as Hiring Clients who have signed on to their program and Contractors/Suppliers to promote a safer and healthier work environment and help build strong, long-lasting relationships. This process is basically set up in three parts, to evaluate, determine, and rate or score the compliance of a Contractor/Supplier. Although ISNetworld® can provide several benefits to both parties involved, we constantly hear from our clients that becoming compliant with ISN® can be a time-consuming and complex process. One of our clients likened it to trying to figure out the Rubik’s Cube. When Owner/Clients require ISNetworld® compliance with an acceptable score and you are on a tight timeline that may not be convenient for you, OSHA Safety Manual can help guide you through the process.

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Once a connection has been created between an Owner/Client and a Contractor/Supplier, ISN® collects self-reported information from Contractors/Suppliers and logs it in to their centralized, database that they maintain. This can include Written Incident and Accident Records, Audit Results, Review and Verification (RAVS®), Insurance Certificates, and more. After all the necessary information has been collected, ISN® reviews it to ensure accuracy and compliance.

How to Become Compliant

In order to become compliant with ISNetworld®, as a Contractor/Supplier you must assemble and submit all the required documentation related to health and safety, to show compliance with industry requirements. Information and documents such as RAVS®,TRAVS®, Incident Logs, Insurance, Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Letters, and additional supporting documents (based on the Contractor’s/Supplier’s industry) are reviewed by ISN® before it is evaluated and in most cases, assigned a grade or score. Depending on the nature of a Contractors/Suppliers safety history, a lower or failing score may be given. It is important for Contractors/Suppliers to get the best grade possible because Owner Clients search the ISN® database when they need Contractors/Suppliers to perform work for them and the better your grade, the better chance you have of adding new Owner Clients and increasing your business.  OSHA Safety Manual can help in this area.

RAVS® and Safety Programs are Two Different Animals

Over the years, we have found that Contractors/Suppliers often think that RAVS® and safety programs perform the same service in the ISN® compliance process, but the fact is they are clearly different. In the same way that Meeting Minutes give you a summary of what was discussed in a meeting, RAVS® give a brief overview of the information in a Contractors/Suppliers safety program. ISNetworld® mandates that RAVS® be submitted as part of the ISN® compliance process, but Contractors/Suppliers are still at risk if they don’t have a compliant safety program in place.

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OSHA Safety Manual can supply RAVS® for Contractors/Suppliers based on their safety programs, but it is the responsibility of the Contractors/Suppliers to ensure that their safety programs meet industry standards for compliance, and that their employees adhere to the practices outlined in those programs. If you are unsure whether or not your safety program is up to par, OSHA Safety Manual can review and suggest revisions or create an entirely new safety program specifically for your company. Some Third-Party Data Providers do not point out the differences between RAVS® and safety programs and the importance of having them both, and regrettably this can lead to a misunderstanding of responsibility.

What OSHA Safety Manual Can Do For You

OSHA Safety Manual helps with the ISNetworld® compliance process in a variety of ways. First, we assemble and help create your required health and safety documentation, information, and reports for your company. Then we collect the required insurance documents, OSHA forms, EMR letters, and more, and submit the items to ISN® on your behalf. Furthermore, we assist companies in answering the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ), which is required by all Owner/Clients. A lot of the almost 2000 questions needs interpretation as to what it is that is being asked to understand clearly what it is they are actually asking.

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We create your safety programs (RAVS®) and submit them to ISN® on your behalf for review. In addition, navigating through the compliance process can be complicated and time consuming, OSHA Safety Manual helps our clients develop a plan to potentially improve their score/grade. It is possible to improve a low/bad grade and sometimes, all it takes is a little time, recognition of some problems, and a few corrective measures.

In addition to setting up your ISN® profile, OSHA Safety Manual will help maintain and manage your account over the long-term as your third-party data administrator. If you have any additional questions about the ISN® services we offer or about ISNetworld®, contact us today.

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