“OSHA requires employers to display a number of posters regarding wages, medical leave, Fair Labor Standards, and more. Employers must post all current labor law posters at each of their locations in areas frequented by employees during the course of the workday. Failure to comply with posting requirements can result in fines up to $17,000.”

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Posters should be displayed so that each employee can easily see and read them (generally, the requirements have language such as “conspicuously placed” and “readily accessible” to employees). In cases where employees do not normally work at certain offices they would not be served by posters displayed at those offices. The offices, or sub-offices, where those employees normally congregate would need to have the posters displayed for the benefit of the employees who are served by each such location.

OSHA Safety Manual offers all of the most commonly required posters for businesses in most industries and states. Our posters are laminated on both sides and printed in high-quality full color so they are easy to read. Our Posters are guaranteed to be the most up to date versions available.

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