What the Heck is this???

Dear [company] Contractor,

We are pleased to announce [company] Inc. has recently established a business relationship with ISN® (www.isn.com). Effective immediately, ISNetworld® will begin serving as [company]’s primary contractor information management system. As a result of this action, contractors performing services for [company] are required to become subscribers to ISNetworld®.”

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive this type of “Letter of Action Notice” from ISNetworld® and are not quite sure what to do, we can help. Many companies come to OSHA Safety Manual looking for guidance regarding the “Letter of Action Notice” letter (usually 30-60 day notice to comply) and we have helped many of these companies over the years. We have clients frequently express uncertainly or apprehension when dealing with the Contractor/Supplier compliance process for the first time. People who have received one of the above letters sometimes find themselves thinking they can complete the ISN® requirements for compliance in a day or two, but have told us that they quickly find the process to be much more time consuming and challenging than they anticipated.

OSHA Safety Manual can guide you through the complete ISN® compliance process and help you understand what is required of you.

Before deciding what your next move should be, it is key that you understand the purpose and intent of this letter. How you respond to this letter really depends on the relationship between your company and the Owner/Client (customer requiring your ISN® compliance status).

Do I have to join ISNetworld®?

The customer ISN® “Letter of Action” usually goes to all Contractors/Suppliers and it’s up to the Contractors/Suppliers to decide whether or not it truly applies to their scope of work. Rule of thumb is, if Contractors/Suppliers perform work or steps onsite, they almost always are required to join.

My Safety Program is already approved with my Customer!

We get asked all the time, who pays for this? The Contractors/Suppliers almost always have to foot the bill for ISN® startup fees and expenses and in almost all cases they can’t pass the costs along to the Owner/Clients.

Even if a Contractor/Supplier is pre approved to work with an existing customer, they are still required to gain approval again through ISNetworld® if their customer becomes an Owner/Client with ISN®. Owner/Client’s previously signed agreements are not always equal to ISN®’s scoring system. If you have been previously approved to work with your customer, this does not mean you will be approved again through ISNetworld®.

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How can I work for an established ISNetworld® Customer (Owner/Client)?

We get calls from many Contractors/Suppliers who want to work for an Owner/Client who is already subscribed to ISNetworld® but find that they cannot create a connection in the system. Without an agreement signed or one in the works between Contractor and Owner/Client, it can be difficult to get that connection established.

How to get started with ISNetworld®

We get inquiries from people often times who don’t know what ISNetworld® is or how to get set up with a profile and account. In some cases, they already have an account on ISN® but have no connections yet with Owner/Clients.

To join ISNetworld® and connect with an Owner/Client you will first need to pay ISNetworld® for your account. Then you will need to setup your account and obtain your login information. ISNetworld® requires you to watch a brief webcast training video to gain access to your account and obtain your account number.

Once you are able to access your ISN® account, you can provide any prospective Owner/Clients with your ISN® company ID number to establish a connection. This can take up to a month to a year to complete based on the relationship and incentive, between you and an Owner/Client and whether or not there was a prior agreement with an Owner/Client.

Once the connection has been established with an Owner/Client, the last step is to submit the required documents and information for approval and complete the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ®) in order to obtain full ISNetworld® compliance. We have had Clients tell us that this process can take anywhere from 3-6 months to complete on their own, but our OSHA Safety Manual ISNetworld® experts can do this on your behalf in most cases in under a week.

What Constitutes a Bad Grade in ISNetworld® and what can be done?

In some situations, the Owner/Client will excuse a bad grade and continue to do business with a Contractor/Supplier, but rarely, if at all, will an Owner/Client continue to do business if the proper information is not entered into the ISN® system. With this being said, it is important that Contractors/Suppliers upload all their data properly so you have the best chance at receiving a good score. Even if a Contractor/Supplier has a poor grade, OSHA Safety Manual can, in some cases, help alleviate a bad grade with an action plan designed to recognize, repair, and thwart problems.

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Often times, Contractors/Suppliers find that they can’t meet or they fall short on a specific requirement. In this case you may be able to apply for a variance with ISNetworld®. In some cases, Contractors/Suppliers fill out the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ®) incorrectly; this can cause excessive insurance and safety requirements. OSHA Safety Manual can help explain the difference for you. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your Owner/Client can also help in getting a variance.

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