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Since 1991, OSHA Safety Manual for the past 26+ years was one of the first safety companies to offer compliance with:
  • OSHA Regulations
  • ISNetworld® / RAVS® Safety
  • AVETTA – PICS Auditing
  • PEC Premier / PEC Safety
  • Veriforce / Verisource
  • Gold Shovel Standard / Standard for Excavation Safety
  • SSSP – Site Specific Safety Plans (Templates and Full Customization)
  • And more…
We strive to provide quality products and support with genuine customer service at a reasonable price.
Here are just a few of the companies that we assist their contractor's maintenance providers and service providers attain and maintain 100% compliance.
How we can help you get certified
our ISNetworld® Services
Safety Programs

Having trouble getting your current safety programs to pass the ISNetworld® RAVS® process? Our written safety programs are guaranteed to meet your clients requirements in ISNetworld®.
Safety Questionnaires

We complete all the components of your questionnaire in order to help you get the highest rating possible. It is very important that your current policies and procedures align with your MSQ® requirements.
Training Programs

Some clients require supporting documentation called T-RAVS®, or Training Review & Verification Services. We will evaluate these training requirements and submit the necessary supporting documents to your account for verification.
Account Maintenance

If you find yourself struggling to meet, or keep up with your client requirements in ISNetworld®, please reach out to OSHA Safety We will make sure you stay compliant with our ongoing maintenance plan throughout the year at an affordable cost.
Safety Program Services

Supply unlimited number of RAVS® required in your account. We fill out all of the Self Review & Gap Analysis sections and upload all of your required safety programs in PDF. We will also submit for review request by ISNetworld®. We will complete this process until you achieve a 100% approval.

An annual update “Service Agreement” is a separate service and not included with this “Initial” upload.

Once you attain the RAVS® Compliance Score at a 100% you will be shipped your printed hardcopy with a CD-ROM that will include all of your programs in MS word and Adobe pdf files.
Total $1,200.00 + S/H
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COmpliance Package A

Assistance with Documentation Requirements

(TRAVS, OSHA Logs, EMR Letter & Insurance)


Completion of Safety Questionnaires


Includes Safety Program Services


Each area includes a 1 Year Service agreement to maintain the approval of the overall account.


A Comprehensive OSHA Safety Manual specific to your Industry Type


Hard Copy of both the OSHA Safety Manual and programs submitted to ISNetworld.
Total $2,400.00 + S/H
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COmpliance Package B

Same as Compliance Package A Except


Each area includes a 3 Years Service agreement to maintain the approval of the overall account.
Total $3,600.00 + S/H
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COmpliance Package C

Same as Compliance Package B Except


Additional Safety Programs:

Heat Illness Prevention Program

GHS Training Guide

Emergency Action Plan

Employee Safety Handbook

Supervisors Safety Handbook

Fleet Onsite Health & Safety 1st Aid Kit

& More...
Total $4,250.00 + S/H
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