With our “Service Agreements” (1 year, 3 year or monthly) we will maintain your overall approval rating score with your Owner/ Client at an exceptional level. Additionally, we will provide you with the following:

  • The most up to date safety programs
  • Maintain questionnaire standard
  • Continual consultation to your accounts documentation
  • Updates to Insurance, EMR Letters & OSHA Logs
  • Uploading documents
  • Prioritizing and responding to ISN® and Owner/Client emails
  • Uploading monthly, quarterly, and yearly statistical numbers
  • Communicating with insurance agents/brokers to ensure COI upload and approval
  • Liaison between all parties involved
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Additionally, one of the goals when you sign up with ISNetworld® is to add more Owner Clients to your account to increase your business. If you are under one of our “Service Agreements” and you add any new Owner/Clients to your ISNetworld® account dashboard and they were to require more or different RAVS® Safety Programs, this would be provided at no additional cost under the term of the “Service Agreement.” This allows you, to seek out new business through new Owner/Clients, with the peace of mind, that you will not have any additional costs or wasted time associated with updating your RAVS® Safety programs.

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