ISNetworld Notice Letter

Dear [company] Contractor,

We are pleased to announce [company] Inc. has recently established a business relationship with ISN® ( Effective immediately, ISNetworld® will begin serving as [company]’s primary contractor information management system. As a result of this action, contractors performing services for [company] are required to become subscribers to ISNetworld®. If your company is a current subscriber to ISNetworld®, there is no additional fee; however, please ensure your company has completed the items below.

There is a nominal fee for this service. [company] believes the benefits to both parties will far exceed any associated costs. A more comprehensive list of contractor benefits and subscription quick start guide are attached from ISN®.

Your company’s ISNetworld® subscription will provide [company] access to the following required information:

  1. Company Information – Populate your company information in ISNetworld® to include company contact information, main and branch office locations and types of work/industry classifications. Populating this section will provide [company] and other Hiring Clients with your company’s most current contact information.
  2. HSE Questionnaire – ISNetworld® contains the Management System Questionnaire (MSQ®) which will be used to gather your company’s HSE data.
  3. Documents – [company] will use ISNetworld® to track and to verify your company’s Certificate of Insurance, Workers’ Compensation Premium Rate Statement(s) and Account Status, and Certificate of Recognition (COR).
  4. Health, Safety and Environmental Programs – Your company will be required to submit copies of your written health, safety and environmental programs that ISN® Review and Verification Services (RAVS®) will review for compliance with regulatory and/or [company]’s standards.

In order to be considered by [company] during the contractor services selection process, your company’s subscription must be in place and all required data must be posted by [60 day deadline]. For further details about ISNetworld®, please contact the ISN® Customer Service Team at (800) xxx-xxxx or visit their website at

Your company’s cooperation and participation in bringing this cost effective technology solution to our business relationship is appreciated. [company] and ISN® representatives will schedule contractor meetings throughout the year. All contractors who have subscribed to ISNetworld® for [company] will receive details of dates/locations of these meetings.

Thank you for your cooperation


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